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"I see teaching as performing, the classroom as the stage and every lesson as a performance."

~ Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda's teaching career began early in her high school years, when she volunteered to tutor hard-of-hearing children in her neighbourhood.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Child Psychology and Exceptionality in Human Learning, Miss Amanda moved to Hong Kong and acquired her first formal teaching job in an English centre.

After gaining extensive experience teaching in various centres and schools, and obtaining a Master's degree in Linguistics, Miss Amanda established Bubbly English in October 2009.


Apart from being native English speakers, all our teachers are graduates from reputable universities abroad, and possess a proficient command of English.


With the creative talent of our teachers, there are always new surprises at Bubbly English. Our lesson plans and materials are refined every year, and new courses are designed from time to time to cater to learners' changing needs.


Within the classroom, our teachers are not only educators, but also entertainers, creating a humorous and relaxing atmosphere for children in learn in.


Before hosting their own classes, all our teachers undergo four weeks of intensive training to ensure they have the skills and confidence to run and manage a class effectively.


We aim to instil a bubbly attitude in all our learners, so that they can face challenges in learning and in life with optimism and drive. As role models, our teachers also demonstrate the same positivity and enthusiasm in and out of the classroom.