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the fun continues with kinder courses

Enhancing learners' language foundation

At the kindergarten level, our courses focus primarily on enhancing learners' language foundation by refining their skills in basic reading, writing, speaking and listening. Learners will be introduced to a wider range of topical vocabulary and sentence structures, and encouraged to express their ideas more freely and confidently.


A chatroom-style course designed for learners who wish to build up their ability to use English functionally. Theme-based lessons include vocabulary building, storytelling, role-playing, group tasks and class discussion.

This course aims to familiarize learners with English so that they can gradually understand more and have to confidence to speak more.


An interactive phonics course based on a whole-to-part word learning approach. Lessons make use of originally created workbooks and flashcards, and aim to develop learners' ability to recognize, distinguish, produce and spell out words. This unique phonics course has been carefully refined over the years to fit the needs of Hong Kong kindergarteners.


A comprehensive reading and phonics course designed based on Oxford Reading Tree's "Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper" series. Lessons are interactive in nature, and make use of Oxford Reading Tree storybooks, as well as phonics sonds, word games, and comprehensive workbooks. The aim of this course is to build up learners' reading fluency and phonics foundation.


An interactive course which aims to build up kindergarten learners' oral and presentation skills. Lessons are theme-based, and include speech practice, song presentation, picture description, and guided storytelling. Learners will be encouraged to speak in front of the class, gradually building up their oral fluency and accuracy, as well as their confidence level.


An academic course aimed at developing the skills necessary to perform well in a P1 interview setting. It covers both the verbal aspects, such as question-and-answer, picture description, reading and listening comprehension, and the physical aspects, such as body language, posture and gestures of the interview process. Mock interviews are also set up to prepare learners for the real interview experience.