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the bubbly english environment

English immersion in and out of the classroom

At Bubbly English, learners are immersed in an all-English environment, which not only benefits them academically, but also cognitively, creatively and socially. Within such an immersion framework, learners are able to achieve strong communication and literacy skills, as well as a greater appreciation for and understanding of different cultures and perspectives.


Fostering creativity and confidence

At Bubbly English, learners are inspired to discover, learn and tackle challenges actively and independently, making the learning process for each and every one of them a meaningful and rewarding experience.


Parents are kept informed and up-to-date on learner progress through weekly or bi-weekly teacher's comments. Parents are also welcome to send us comments and suggestions electronically or discuss ideas with our teachers in person.


In addition to our courses which target the development of reading skills, Bubbly English learners are also encouraged to develop a habit of reading at a young age through our comprehensive in-house library.


In a typical lesson, learners not only acquire skills and ideas that form their language and knowledge foundation, they are also groomed to develop positive attitudes, decent behaviour, and healthy habits and interests, which ultimately enable them to grow into all-rounded, successful individuals.