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the bubbly journey starts at 16 months

Learning through experience

At the nursery level, our courses focus primarily on developing learners' language foundation, social awareness, and physical and mental independence. Learners are guided to learn through experience by participating in activities that encourage them to observe and imitate their teachers and peers, and confidently explore their surroundings.


A multi-faceted pre-kinder course designed to foster learners' all round development. Lessons include musical movement, interactive games, dramatic storytelling, and vocabulary building. Lessons adapt a learn-through-experience approach, and learners are encouraged to attend lessons independently as preparation for kindergarten.


An innovative nursery phonics course aimed at building up learners' skills in letter recognition, sound production, spelling and blending, vocabulary usage and oral fluency. Lessons are interactive in nature, and make use of stimulating phonics songs and flashcards.

This course is designed to give young learners a head start in phonics - an essential skill needed for reading and writing.